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With just one piece of DNA, scientists can identify both violent criminals and human remains, bringing answers to even the most mysterious cold cases. Chief Genetic Genealogist at Parabon Nanolabs CeCe Moore explains.

Former Federal and State Prosecutor Jonathan Fahey led the federal case against Jorge Avila-Torrez's crimes. Jonathan explains how a confession was obtained and details from the trial in the case against Torrez.

Known for their leather jackets and motorcycles, becoming a member of the mysterious Hells Angels is a feat that's as difficult as it is dangerous, retired ATF Special Agent Jay "Jaybird" Dobyns did just that.

On this bonus edition of The FOX True Crime Podcast, Emily takes a look at retired FBI Special Agent Kyle Vowinkel's illustrious career in law enforcement.

On the night of June 7th, 2021, Maggie Murdaugh and her son, Paul, were found shot dead at the family's hunting lodge. Emily dives deep into the story.

The extent of the danger that Dykes posed wouldn't be realized until January 29th, 2013, when he boarded a school bus, murdered the driver, and took 5-year-old Ethan Gilman hostage.

Will shares his instant reaction to Super Bowl LVII.

This week, Will reacts to Kyrie Irving trade to the Dallas Mavericks and gives his State of the Union.

Bret sits down with former CIA Director and former Secretary of State in the Trump administration, Mike Pompeo, to discuss his new book, Never Give An Inch. 

On the inaugural episode of Bret's 'Common Ground' podcast, Bret shares a conversation with two Ohio voters just days before the midterm elections.The

Will releases the third installment of hisElite Warrior Series where he will speak to former members of the most elite units within the U.S. military. Today, Will speaks withformer U.S. Army Delta Force Operator Jim Erwin.

Will's thoughts on PGA hypocrisy, reflects on Father's Day and has a thought provoking conversation with host of the podcast,First Class Fatherhood,Alec Lace.

On this episode, Kennedy sits down with Attorney, Columnist, and Legal Analyst, Jonna Spilbor to discuss the verdict in the Depp v. Heard trial.

This week,Sean and Rachel share their thoughts on the newTop Gun: Maverickmovie and the series finale ofThis Is Us. Listen now!

President Biden met with Finland's President & Sweden's Prime Minister to discuss the countries' applications for membership in NATO as the Primary calendar moves along, we analyze how the former President's influence is impacting candidates in the races.

This week, Tyrus wants Kat to research a mysterious story about a shipwreck and Kat discovers the perfect title for her memoir.

On Thursday, the Senate voted to advance another $40 billion aid package for Ukraine and President Joe Biden embarked on his first trip to Asia during his time in office, making stops in both South Korea and Japan.

This week, Kennedy sits down with Co-Host of The Five, and Reporter-at-Large Geraldo Rivera who shares his encounter with a UFO.

Will sits down with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) who explains why he objects to spending $40 Billion on Ukraine and it's chaos and war in college football as Nick Saban takes on Jimbo Fisher.

This week, Ben has a bonus conversation with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). Senator Rubio warns of worldwide food shortages due to the war, discusses the baby formula crisis, and more.

Will's five NFL picks of the week and he revisits his conversation with NBA Orlando Magic Forward,Jonathan Isaac.

This week, Ben Domenech looks back at his conversation with Will Jordan, "The Critical Drinker."

Kennedy sits down with the American Politician, educator, and Chair of the National Libertarian Committee,Whitney Bilyeu.

Shannon sits down with former White House Press Secretary and co-Host of Outnumbered on the FOX News Channel,Kayleigh McEnanyto discuss her new bookFor Such A Time As This.

Let's debate the College Football Playoffs and three trades that need to happen in the NFL & more! Listen now.

This week, Dana is joined byAuthor and Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and Senior Fellow at the Independent Womens ForumNaomi Schaefer Riley.

This week, Tyrus and Kat are throwing it back to the early days of the podcast. Listen now!

This week, Sean and Rachel inviteSenator Rand Paul (R-KY)to The Kitchen Table to discuss why he opposes vaccine and mask mandates, specifically for children. Listen now!

Will is joined by formerSpecial Agent and Unit Chief in the FBI & host ofthe new FOX Nation documentaryInterview with Evil,John Douglas.

On this episode, Trey discusses the future of congressional committee appointments if a third-party candidate was in power. Listen now!

This week, Shannon sits down withNew York TimesBestsellingAuthor andPastor,Max Lucado, to discuss his new book. Listen now!

Kennedy is joined byformer Miami-Dade Homicide Detective Pat Diazto share his expertise in the homicide case of "van-life" YouTuber Gabby Petito.

This week, Ben Domenech is joined byMiranda Devine, New York Post Columnist to discuss some of the major problems they see in reporting and modern media.

The longest war in American history has come to an end this week after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan as American troops evacuated the region. Listen now.

This week, Sean and Rachel invite former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell to their kitchen table. Listen now!

Former FDNY Firefighter and author Jerry Sanford reflects on the September 11th attacks as the 20th anniversary approaches. Listen now.

Our story begins with the childhood upbringing and radicalization of Usama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Their story takes them to Afghanistan where they build a reputation by helping expel a world superpower from the region.

The World Trade Center in New York is targeted by a terror cell based in the US and inspired by a radical cleric known as "The Blind Sheikh". But as US authorities close that case, Bin Laden reemerges on the world stage.

A once in a millennium event, a possible technical glitch, and a disputed Presidential election fill newscasts as a U.S. warship is targeted and a group plotting a massive terror attack move into place.

Terror returns to America. A look at the events of that morning and its tragicfallout. Listen now.