What It Takes To Be A U.S. Army Delta Force Operator ft. Jim Erwin

On this episode, Will releases the third installment of his  ”Elite Warrior Series” where he will speak to former members of the most elite units within the U.S. military to find out what motivates them, what makes them tick, and what drives them to the highest levels of human performance.
Today, Will speaks with former U.S. Special Operations Forces Operator Jim Erwin. Representing Delta Force, the top tier of JSOC (U.S. Joint Special Operations Command), Erwin discusses Delta Force’s main objective of counter-terrorism, his journey through the Army Rangers to Delta Force, and the meticulous standards that Delta Force is held to.  Plus, they discuss how Erwin got the nickname “Kraken,” as well as revealing as much as he possibly could about Tier-One teams that he publicly is able to.

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