Kentucky Republican Congressman and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer joins Fox Across America With guest host Todd Piro to provide an update on his investigation into the Biden family’s overseas business dealings.

“We’ve had three former Biden associates, Bobulinski, Galanis and Archer all testify that Joe Biden was the central figure in the influence peddling team. So we know Joe Biden’s lied. We’ve given Joe Biden and Hunter Biden an opportunity to come back and testify in public, because that’s what, at least Hunter said he wanted to testify public. He refused once we gave him the opportunity. But the main thing was the deposition. You will see that deposition will prove very helpful, as we shift to holding them accountable for wrongdoing. But with Joe Biden, we found, you know, so many lies, so many discrepancies about what he’s told the American people, about his knowledge of involvement with and participation in his family’s business game. So we gave him an opportunity to testify. We even gave him an opportunity to answer questions in a letter, and he refused both times. So where we are now, we’ve subpoenaed, more documents. I think it’s pretty well known. We’ve subpoenaed phone records and some more bank statements and some documents that we’ve learned to the investigation existed, pertaining to some of the shady deals and some of the countries. I’m in the oversight committee room right now. We’re poring over documents, the staff is. And once we’ve gone through all these documents, I would predict that we will be wrapping this investigation up very soon. And, you know, it’s not going to turn out very well for the Bidens because we found many crimes that the Bidens have committed. “

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