National Press Secretary for Vivek Ramaswamy Caroline Sunshine joins Fox Across America With guest host Todd Piro to give her take on the disruptive anti-Israel protests that have been taking place at Columbia University over the past few days.

“It’s great to have differences, but we want to have the things that tie us together as a people, as a nation, as a country. We want to have things that make us feel bound to our country, that make us feel loyal to our country. That is certainly not what’s been sold to this current generation of young Americans. It’s been identity politics is what’s been celebrated. And now it’s been a culture that, we’ve perverted what freedom of speech means. Because what’s interesting is I don’t agree with anything this young man has to say. But I will defend his right to say it. I doubt he would grant me the same courtesy or think that I have the same right. And this young man is existing in a microcosm, again, of a culture that is tolerating this. Because you look at, I think just last week, you had the CEO of NPR coming out saying she thinks truth is subjective. It’s not really all that important, not all that relevant to what they do. One of their journalists and NPR was brave enough to come out and say, by the way, you know, I don’t think what we’ve been doing here is true. I think we’ve been pushing false narratives are divisive and poisonous to American discourse. And NPR responded by suspending that individual, by having no tolerance for dissent. So that’s the irony here, is that every one of those Columbia students is going to tell you that they’re out there exercising their right to freedom of speech, but not really. It’s really freedom of speech for me and not for thee. And therein lies the problem.”

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