Co-host of “Outnumbered” and host of “The Fox True Crime Podcast” Emily Compagno joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to shed light on the tragic circumstances surrounding the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson in 1994.

“Everyone sort of remembers, oh, so the cops were called nine times. Like, that’s sort of a common fact thrown around about Nicole Brown. But the reality is, she begged them on that ninth time to please arrest O.J. Simpson. They didn’t or they couldn’t. And then she was killed. We discussed how she called battered women’s shelter, how she pled for help from many different experts in the field, who did nothing to protect her. And she knew that at the end, at the conclusion it would be her death. She spoke about it. She wrote about it. None of it is admissible in trial because she was dead and therefore unable for OJ to, you know, you have to face the accuser. And now I think what makes me the saddest is when people in positions of authority say things like my hands are tied. Right? When you hear, and we often hear that. Humans are empathetic to other humans standing on a doorstep, a law enforcement, I’m sorry. There’s nothing I can do. A judge, there’s nothing I can do. But the problem is, when people can do something like that parole board that let that guy go it, those mistakes are fatal. There’s a family that will never get their daughter and their grandson back. And for those whose hands are tied, it’s incumbent upon those who do have some leeway to make those laws to make arrests mandatory, to compel them to keep three strikes, to keep things that have now been totally blurred in this conversation about, you know, the wokeism and progressiveness. Well, there’s nothing progressive about murdering someone, and there’s nothing progressive about the tale as old as time, abusive husband or partner who never stops and won’t stop until the woman is killed. Once every 15 seconds, a woman is beaten. Multiply that by how many?”

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