Gordon Chang: “Extremely Concerned… That Chinese Soldiers Are Coming Into Our Country”

Gordon Changauthor of The Coming Collapse of China, joined the Guy Benson Show today with guest host Harry Hurley to discuss the latest as tensions in China continue to escalate surrounding Taiwan. Hurley and Chang talk about Biden’s perceived weakness to the rest of the world and why Biden’s age could be empowering America’s adversaries overseas. Chang also discusses the possibility of Chinese soldiers entering the United States through the southern border of the United States. Listen to the full interview below.

Full Interview:

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Chang had this to say on a possible Chinese army building in the United States:

“You know, we have seen these images starting from the end of January, of Chinese migrants who’ve been in the country for fewer than three weeks, who came in with no identification, no money. Taking target practice with pistols and rifles. And this is happening across the country. So we got to be extremely concerned because if you were if you were a migrant with nothing but a backpack and you arrive in the U.S., I mean, you’re probably thinking about where to find a meal, where to get a job, what place to live. You don’t think about sharpening your skills to kill your neighbors. Unless, of course, you came here to kill your neighbors.”