Victor Davis Hanson On the Difference Between Hamas and Palestine Support: “I Don’t Think There’s a Distinction Anymore”

Victor Davis Hanson, The Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow and author of the BRAND NEW book The End of Everything: How Wars Descend Into Annihilation, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the release of his latest book, where Hanson examines past civilization failures and why we need to turn inwards to look at the US’s own shortfalls. Hanson also discusses the difference between being pro-Hamas and pro-Palestine and why the two groups have become conflated. Listen to the full podcast below.

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Listen to the full podcast:


Hanson had this to say on the difference between being pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian:

“I think that they’ve conflated and they’ve been absorbed by each other, and they’re the same thing because people see Hamas, they want Israel gone river to the sea. They also say, go back to Poland, which was the home of Auschwitz, to Jewish students, but they see them conflated now that there’s no difference between them. They even have Hezbollah logos and banners. They in Dearborn, they were cheering on the Iranians. I don’t think there’s a distinction anymore.”