Glenn Youngkin on the State of Virginia in the 2024 Presidential Election: “Virginia Is In Play”

Glenn Youngkin, Governor of Virginia, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss Larry Hogan and the ongoing Senate race in Maryland. Benson and Youngkin also discuss the recently passed VA budget that includes no new taxes for residents of Virginia. Youngkin and Benson also discuss Youngkin’s commencement address at VCU last week, and the Governor discusses some of the planned walkouts and protests on college campuses around Virginia and the country at large. The pair also preview 2024, and you can listen to the full podcast below!

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Youngkin had this to say on Virginia’s role as a potential swing state in 2024:

“I think Virginia’s in play. I mean, let’s just remind ourselves, yes, Joe Biden won by ten points in 2020. I ended up winning by two the next year. And what we’ve demonstrated is common sense conservative policies work. And Virginians appreciate that. They appreciate a rip roaring economy with lots of job opportunities. They appreciate backing the blue and really making sure that we have safe communities. They appreciate the fact that we are standing for excellence in education and not allowing equity to replace excellence in our schools. So this is a moment where Virginians have seen what commonsense conservative policies result in, because Virginia is working, and all of a sudden they see a just massive disparity between what Joe Biden stands for and what Donald Trump stands for.”