Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins Fox Across America With guest host Paul Gleiser to explain why Republican candidates need to drastically change their messaging when it comes to the issue of abortion if they want to turn things around in 2024.

“Speaking in reality is where we need to be right now. But see, you have people that are like, well, what’s the time frame? When can we say it’s okay? And let me explain to you why that method doesn’t work, because if you’re watching the Democrats like I am, a few months ago, they started putting out ads and stories and articles in papers like The Atlantic and New York Times about people who had gone to their 20 week ultrasound and they had some horrible thing happen at their 20 week ultrasound and something that we can’t imagine what we would do in that situation. Right? If it hasn’t happened to you, you don’t know. Every pregnancy is different. Nikki Haley was right on that. It’s all personal. It’s all happening to just that person. And they tell this story about how they had a horrible trauma. And had Republicans been in charge, they may have died or something awful would have happened. And that is the move on the side of Democrats to when the Republicans come out with, well, 15 weeks is what Europe is using. Everybody’s using it, let’s go with 15 weeks. Well, now, this person would have had this horrible situation that Republicans would force on them. We just don’t have a winning message on this because no matter where we go with this, they are going to attack. I hate to say it, but for all of the people that are in a position of power right now, and I’ll call out the RNC on this because I keep hearing Republicans need to stop shying away from this issue and have a message, Well, you got to this position for a reason. What do you think the message is? Because nobody’s coming out with that. So where does that leave candidates?”

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