Editor at Large of The Spectator Ben Domenech joins Fox Across America With guest host Paul Gleiser to share his thoughts on some of the notable results from this year’s elections.

“This was off year and this is a weird off year in the sense that, I mean, you don’t have the same kind of lessons that come out of it. I personally look at this situation and say, you know, how are you going to blame Andy Beshear for all of the different problems of Bidenomics? You can’t, really. And I think that Daniel Cameron tried to connect him with that. And certainly, you know, the candidates here in Virginia tried to connect it with, you know, crime and with the chaos on the border and everything else that we’re seeing. But I think that unfortunately for Republicans, they’ve become a lot more comfortable over the years saying, especially when they’re running at the state level, I’m about jobs, I’m about economics. I’m not about these hot button culture war issue, etc. Because it’s more convenient. And it’s easier to talk about. Nobody wants to get in people’s faces and offend them and that kind of thing.”

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