Co-Chair of the Republican National Committee Lara Trump joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain how President Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign was caught off guard by former President Trump agreeing to participate in two debates, one on June 27 hosted by CNN and a second on September 10 hosted by ABC.

“My father in law has said he will attend an October debate. He’s happy to do that. But he’s also said, all right Joe, I’ll call your bluff. I’ll go meet you on that debate stage on June 27th, with all of your conditions, with all of the aides that you need in order just to get through this debate. I’ll also go to the one in September with you, but let’s also have one in July. Let’s have another one in August. Let’s do the one in October as planned. And let’s give the American people more opportunity to see the two of us on a debate stage, to talk about the issues facing our country right now, our plan to fix America, our terms as president of the United States because they both have the ability to talk about that, and who did a better job at that. Look, the reality is, I really don’t think that the Biden folks thought that Donald Trump was going to take the bait of this. I think they thought, well, let’s put all these conditions on this. Let’s make it clear that the ball is really in Joe Biden’s court here. He’s got all the advantages here. Well, not only do the mic cutting, give only a certain amount of time for answers and cut the mic off, you can’t respond to things in the same way. But we’ll also pick some very friendly leftist outlets to host all of these debates. And they thought Donald Trump would say, wait a minute, let me look this over. And then they say, ah hah, we knew he would never say yes. And he was like, yeah, I’ll be there. I’ll show up. That is a mark of a true fighter and I love it.”

Jimmy and Lara also discuss the former president’s ongoing criminal trial in Manhattan, and the credibility issues of ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen, the prosecution’s star witness in this case. Listen to the podcast to hear what else they talked about!