We’re just over a week away from the second Republican presidential debate, more and more voters are having conversations about 2024 politics. While the 2024 Presidential Election may be at the forefront of voters’ minds, another important aspect of the upcoming election cycle is the balance of power.

With many incumbent Democratic senators in vulnerable seats, how can Republicans win back control of the Chamber in the 2024 Senate race?

President and CEO of One Nation and American Crossroads Steven Law discusses how Democrats’ abortion policies, the President’s approval rating, and the poor economy will only hurt them in the upcoming election cycle. He emphasizes the need for Republican candidates to improve their messaging and communication when it comes to abortion and explains how it can help the party connect to voters.

Uphill Battle: Vulnerable Democrats are facing a 2024 Senate map that appears favorable for Republicans. Steven explains that political geography is the key determinant of how an election will play out and expresses the need for competitive Republican candidates to win back those seats.

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