The Dam Is Holding…For Now

Despite a lackluster performance at the CNN Presidential Debate, President Biden does not plan to drop out any time soon. Former White House Chief Deputy Press Secretary and Partner at FGS Global Trent Duffy explains why the Democrats’ dam appears to be holding (for now), and why people are growing more distrustful of the White House.

The economy is the number one issue for voters, and President Biden has been unable to make Americans feel better about their financial circumstances over the years. Trent discusses why he believes it’s too late for President Biden to change voters’ minds on the issue, and why President Trump could face a tough economic transition if elected.

Uphill Battle: Former President Trump has the opportunity to gain some ground among independent voters, but to do so, he must focus on his vision rather than vengeance. Trent explains that if the former President can showcase his resume and a transition team, he may appeal to those who still have reservations about him.