While voters were anticipating moments of political déjà vu at the first presidential debate, the time that’s lapsed since President Biden and former President Trump took to the debate stage in 2020 was clear as day. Leaving voters wondering, where do we go from here?

Republican Strategist and co-founder of South and Hill Strategies, Colin, and National Reporter and Columnist for the Washington Examiner, Salena Zito provide post-presidential debate analysis and how both presidential candidate performances woke up voters to truly examine what they want for the next four years.

Later, Salena reveals what she’ll be looking for from voters as they head to the polls and Colin emphasizes the need for both presidential campaigns to tailor their messaging to point to the future.

Uphill Battle: A disastrous first presidential debate for Democrats, has President Biden’s own party scrambling to figure out what to do next. With the Democratic National Convention on the horizon and whispers of a second debate is President Biden ready?