With the first Republican Presidential Primary Debate complete, the stakes have been raised for the candidates as they fight for a spot on the stage at the next debate. Although presidential politics have been at the top of most voters’ minds, both Democrats and Republicans have set their sights on state-level elections in order to control the balance of power in their favor.

How do campaigns, redistricting, and referendums all play a role in the outcomes of congressional, senatorial, and gubernatorial races?

Founder and President of Monadnock Strategies Jesse Hunt looks ahead at various state-level elections where vulnerable Democrat incumbents risk being unseated and discusses what’s at stake. Later, he examines how different presidential candidates are using alternative forms of media in order to gain more influence at the national level.

Uphill Battle: Jesse explains that it’s not the candidates that motivate Democrat voters to go to the polls, but instead the issues on the ballot. He emphasizes the importance for Republican candidates to articulate their policies to avoid being boxed in with unpopular positions.

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