Former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins Fox Across America With guest host Joe Concha to shed light on how the eventual 2024 GOP presidential nominee must approach the issue of abortion, especially considering the gains Republicans need to make among suburban women voters.

“I’ve tried to talk to people about this. They’ve said, well, you know, we’re all going to go after this 15-week ban. And I’ve said, look, I think Nikki Haley talked about it the best way. We’re going to come to a consensus. If there’s something federal, we have to bring people together because the reality is you have to bring people together. And that was something that President Trump talked to me about during my campaign several times. It’s like, this abortion stance is not going to fly. And it was the first time anybody had run in a post Roe world. We didn’t really know what kind of ads they would run, $50 million in attack ads against me. So I can tell you that that’s going to be the issue that they believe they can win on. She navigated that beautifully. He has that same opinion on it. I mean, from that standpoint, I could see that being a good matchup because they’re looking for how do we win those women who want to feel like, hey, someone gets me and maybe that vice president is going to be that person that brings those women in. And Donald Trump is going to have a similar view on that. So I think that that’s the issue that’s going to be the toughest to navigate, because as much as people are concerned about the border and the economy and all of these other issues, the way they twist the propaganda around abortion is very powerful with young women.”

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