Dave Rubin: DeSantis ‘Most Formidable Candidate’ For Republicans In 2024

Listen To The Full Interview Below:

Dave Rubin, Host of the long-form talk show The Rubin Report joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the latest developments in Twitter files and who he sees as the most formidable candidate for Republicans in 2024.

Rubin touted DeSantis and his governing record saying,

I think that he makes the most formidable candidate, partly because of what you said before about the DeSantis Democrat, we know he can create a new coalition. He strikes me as a Reagan-esque figure. He doesn’t make mistakes. You know, he’s governing here in an incredibly competent way, incredibly competent. It is not easy to go against Disney and win, but he did it. He picks his fights properly. He doesn’t have many downsides, but he has an awful lot of upsides.