Paul Mauro: What We Know So Far About The Idaho College Murders

Retired NYPD inspector Paul Mauro joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share his insight on the circumstances surrounding the brutal murders of four college students in Idaho last week, and why police still have not arrested any suspects.

“What the cops are saying out there, and they know what they’re saying very consciously, that this is targeted. My gut tells me that they have some indicia of where this may be coming out of, what world this may be coming out of. That doesn’t mean they have a suspect or even a series of suspects. But I think they know where the soft spot is to start to probe at. This is purely speculative. I am interested in who was at the location, who arrived at the location before the cops did. It came out yesterday in a press conference that they called their friends. The cops are being very, very reticent and very coy about who made the 911 call and how many people were on it. More than one person apparently spoke to the 911 operator, so they passed the phone around. They’re being very coy about who those people are. They don’t want the media, etc., chasing around to find and get in a way of those folks.”

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