Cristina Corbin: The Shocking Story Behind ‘What About Holly?’

Fox News Investigative reporter Cristina Corbin joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to talk about her new true crime podcast “What About Holly?”, which details the brutal murder of a young married couple just outside of Houston in 1981, and how the victims were nameless for 40 years.

“it was just this horrific crime and no one could solve it because they didn’t even know who the victims were. Fast forward 40 years. These two amazing, extraordinary genetic genealogists were able to take the DNA profile of their remains, upload it into this sort of DNA consortium, this database that pulls information from all these DNA consumer databases like 23 and Me and And they were able to, by building out an elaborate family tree, they were able to identify the male victim. So they called his family in Florida and they said, did you have a loved one who disappeared 40 years ago? And they said, yes, our brother, Harold Dean Clouse Jr. And then they said, well, what about his wife, Tina? And she said, well, he was found with a young woman. So we believe that was the wife. And then you got the bombshell question was, well, what about their baby? Their ten month old baby. And the genetic genealogists were like, what baby? So that changed the whole course of this story. And people were like, there’s a missing child out there who’s now 42 years old, may not even know who she is, who her real parents were. And then the investigation into that case just took off.”

To hear what else she had to say, listen to the podcast!