Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) spoke to Brian Kilmeade about President Biden calling the MAGA crowd the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history. Scott says the President’s press conferences are incomprehensible and he is confused about everything. Scott also took issue with President Biden calling his tax plan extreme and saying it raises taxes on 75 million families. Scott says this is another example of President Biden being confused as his plan is called Rescue America because we have the lowest labor participation rate since he has been alive and we have to get people back to work which is a contrast to what the Democrats are doing with their massive government programs. Scott also discussed Governor Ron DeSantis taking away Disney’s autonomy status over their objections to the Parental Rights in Education bill. Scott says the law makes sense because kindergarteners shouldn’t be taught about sex. Scott feels it should be the parents’ choice about when to talk to their children about sex. Scott does not understand why Disney wanted to participate in the conversation and attack the bill. On the potential of Roe v Wade being overturned, Scott says he is pro-life and says the Democrats are radical on abortion and using this to get their base out. Senator Scott, who is also Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, weighed in on JD Vance winning the republican nomination for senate in Ohio. Scott says Vance ran a great campaign and believes he will be a great senator for Ohio.

Plus, Senator Scott on Mike Pompeo’s national security concerns with Dr. Oz voting in the Turkish election in 2018.