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Peter Doocy, Fox News Channel’s White House Correspondent joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the CDC and Biden administration’s new covid mask guidance for vaccinated American’s and the new masking protocols at the White House.

Peter Doocy said,
“You know, it’s the middle of the summer and everybody here kind of a condition to get to come to the White House every day and not wear a mask has been to do everything right. Be careful, wear a mask before you’re vaccinated, get vaccinated and then wait two weeks and then come back. Still be careful. And everybody here has been doing that. And it’s their explanation as well. We don’t know if vaccinated people are going to infect people who have not been vaccinated. Why does that apply to a place like this where everybody has had to get it? And so there’s a lot of frustration just among you know, we stand in these tents on the lawn and I can’t really see who’s saying stuff on the other side, some of the other networks, but I can hear it. And griping would be an understatement. Yesterday and this morning.”