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Chris Christie, was 55th Governor of New Jersey joined Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show to discuss the ongoing bipartisan infrastructure talks, updated CDC mask guidance for vaccinated people and the move by Ben & Jerry’s to boycott Israeli settlements.

Christie called out New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy saying,
“Well, what happened in 2016 I advocated for and signed the law from legislature. It was anti BDS legislation. And, you know BDS is the movement that’s trying to get people to boycott all things isreal. And we said quite firmly, any company that engages in any boycott regarding any part of Israel is is a company that we will not invest in in the state. And so as a result, what the law requires requires is that if a company engages in that type of Israeli boycott, that the state pension funds divest themselves of any holdings they have in that company. Unilever is the parent company of Ben and Jerry’s. They bought Ben and Jerry’s. And so I believe that we have to by law divest ourselves of Unilever stock of which we have significant holdings, from what I understand, in New Jersey, in the pension fund, we cannot allow corporate America to continue to bully us with their their values as they see it. And if they want to do that, if Ben and Jerry’s wants to decide that, you know, they don’t want to sell food, ice cream in the West Bank because they believe somehow that Israel’s presence there or in Jerusalem is somehow wrong, they have every right to do that, but they don’t have a right to be invested in and supported by the money of the people of New Jersey. And that’s not an option. Phil Murphy should be doing this immediately. Why he hasn’t done it is a shock to me. Because that was a bipartisan law that passed, I believe, almost unanimously in the legislature and it was signed by me in 2016 And it is wrong, we need to stand up for our friends in the world, guy, and we need to stand up for Israel against corporate interests. This is like Coca-Cola and Delta doing what they were doing regarding the all star game and Major League Baseball. We’ve talked about that. We need to stand up to these corporations to get them to knock it off. And one of the ways to do it is take money away from them, if that’s all they seem to understand.”