This Week:

In a rare moment Thursday, President Biden announced “we have a deal,” after lawmakers came to a bipartisan agreement on an infrastructure framework. The President also noted, “this reminds me of the days we used to get an awful lot done up in The United States Congress.” Will the deal hold? Fox News Congressional Correspondent, Chad Pergram, explains why he believes we are “months away” from infrastructure legislation, President Biden’s efforts to pass “human infrastructure” through budget reconciliation, and the future of bipartisanship on Capitol Hill.

A new coronavirus strain called the Delta variant that was first discovered in India is on the rise in the United States. Luckily, studies show the COVID-19 vaccines are effective against the variant. The Biden administration is still pushing for Americans to get their shots. President Biden traveled to North Carolina this week hoping to encourage people to get on board, but a new side effect in young adults could keep people hesitant. FOX News Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland speaks with Dr. Marty Makary, Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Fox News Medical Contributor about the new Delta variant and these rare cases of heart inflammation in young people.

The Supreme Court issued another round of rulings this week. The high court delivered blows to the NCAA and unions this week and sided with a Pennsylvania teenager in a free speech case. Law Professor at George Washington University and Fox News Contributor, Jonathan Turley joins Rachel to break down this week’s rulings and what upcoming cases the Supreme Court will be looking at.

With 2022 primaries rapidly approaching and a power imbalance in Washington, Republicans are hoping to regain majorities come November 2022. Earlier this month, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stated that Republicans “will have┬áto appeal to the general election audience,” indicating that he is willing to “intervene” as primary candidates show interest in 2022. Fox News Radio Political Analyst, Josh Kraushaar, discusses the challenges ahead for Leader McConnell and the GOP.