This Week:

This is past week, President Biden marked a key milestone, his first 100-days in office. During his address to a Joint Session of Congress he highlighted his coronavirus vaccine roll out and economic progress during his time in the White House along with other legislation he passed through executive orders. FOX News Radio’s Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland and FOX News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram discuss some of the things the President has tackled in his first 100 days.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden made his first address to a Joint Session of Congress. Fox News Radio Political Analyst, Josh Kraushaardiscusses the president’s message, as he appealed to Congress to pass an ambitious agenda, with a price tag to match. Josh and Jared break down the president’s proposals, their price tag, and how politics might play into all of this spending.

Eleven months after the death of George Floyd, lawmakers are having bipartisan talks on comprehensive police reform legislation. This group includes Representative Karen Bass (D-CA), Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), and others such as Congressman Pete Stauber (R-MN) who sponsored the JUSTICE Act alongside Senator Scott. Congressman Stauber joins the podcast to discuss the JUSTICE Act as a Republican alternative to the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act and sticking points such as qualified immunity and no-knock search warrants.

 President Biden isn’t ruling out mandating the coronavirus vaccines to U.S. service members. Right now they’re voluntarily and like many people across America, a good portion of military families are hesitant to take it.  Rachel Sutherland and FOX News National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin discuss the hesitancy.