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Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) joined Fox News Radio Guy Benson Show to discuss the new outdoor mask guidance from the CDC, allowing vaccinated individuals to not have to wear a face covering outdoors.

Rep. Mace said,

“It was total trash, I mean, it’s performative, it’s not based on science and it’s trash, like if you look at the chart that they put out in those that are vaccinated actually compared to those that are unvaccinated, there’s only a slight sliver more freedom for those who are vaccinated. And it’s just it’s totally ridiculous. And and when you hear all these arguments, I’ll do it based on science, based on science. This is literally nothing to do with science. And you saw President Biden yesterday as he’s unveiling the new you don’t have to wear a mask outside if you’re alone or with a handful of people if you’ve been vaccinated, but wouldn’t allow more reporters outside of his press conference. It was just the irony bestowed on these people it’s quite shocking sometimes.”