Listen To The Full Monologue Below:

On Fox News Radio’s Guy Benson Show, Guy gave a passionate monologue on the importance of getting vaccinated for COVID-19 even if your on the younger side.

Guy said,

“So young people highly, highly, highly, highly unlikely to die from covid. Absolutely true. And we have new therapeutics now. We know more about the disease. That’s all good news. So on the risk calculation scales. I understand the point that Rogan is making, and I’m not freaking out about it like some people are. However, I actually disagree with his conclusion. There’s no evidence whatsoever. That young people or anyone will die. From getting the vaccine, whereas there is a very small chance that people will die, including young people, from not getting the vaccine if they get covid. Right. So the risk of death involving covid is significantly higher, even though we’re talking about a tiny number overall, it is still significantly higher for people dying from covid than from getting vaccinated. Because there’s no evidence that people die from getting vaccinated whatsoever at any age range or any age group.”

Guy added,

“It’s not just about you as a young person or let me talk more broadly, it’s not about us. I’m still in my mid 30s. Right, statistically. If you’re young, you’re much safer from bad health outcomes, but. We’re all in this together in the sense of herd immunity, herd immunity is essential to crushing the pandemic and killing this virus as a major problem. Right, or never to completely get rid of coronavirus altogether, but we can reduce it down from a pandemic that’s very lethal to something maybe more closely resembling a flu, which we deal with all the time in this country. You know, and it’s a seasonal thing. We want to end the pandemic herd Immunity is the key to doing that. And the more people who are vaccinated, the fewer people who could potentially. Host the virus in their body. The better.”