This Week:

On Tuesday, Former Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, was convicted in the murder of George Floyd. Since then, Republican Senator Tim Scott, Democratic Senator Cory Booker, and Democratic Representative Karen Bass have been in talks find bipartisan consensus on possible police reform legislation. Fox News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram discusses how other bills will influence talks between these lawmakers, sticking point issues like qualified immunity, and the role of the House and Senate Majority Leaders in all of this.

President Biden celebrated the U.S. hitting 200-million coronavirus doses in his first 100 days. The Biden administration still focusing their energy on getting more Americans vaccinated. The President announced a tax credit for businesses to give paid leave for employees getting vaccines. FOX News Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland speaks with Dean of Public Health at Brown University, Dr. Ashish Jha  about the vaccine milestone, and what he thinks the government can do to help more get vaccinated.

This week, President Biden hosted a virtual summit on climate change for 30 world leaders– Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping among them. FOX’s Chief Washington Correspondent, Mike Emanuel, joins Jared from the North Lawn of the White House to discuss how things unfolded. He describes why leaders from The United States, China, and other nations have exhibited skepticism towards commitments to addressing climate change, and what President Biden’s proposal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 means to lawmakers in the rust belt.

How many justices should there be on the U.S. Supreme Court? Progressive lawmakers are putting pressure to expand the bench from nine justices to thirteen. FOX News Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland speaks with FOX News Chief Legal Correspondent and host of FOX News @ Night, Shannon Bream about court packing and the recent SCOTUS immigration case centered on giving migrants who came to the U.S. illegally but have temporary protective status, green cards.