This Week: 

President Joe Biden has wasted no time since entering the office, signing more than three dozen executive actions on issues including, healthcare, climate and more. Jared and FOX News White House Correspondent Kristin Fisher discuss some of the executive actions signed this week, what we can expect next week and what he hopes to accomplish with all of them.

One of the key items on President Joe Biden’s agenda is passing his COVID relief bill, but Republicans are balking at the $1.9 trillion price tag. Jared speaks with House Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn, (D-SC) about the path forward for the bill and how he feels it would help the economy. The Democratic Congressman also shares his role on backing then presidential candidate Biden and ultimately helping him win the presidency.

There are new concerns for new coronavirus variants as calls grow to speed up the vaccine rollout. FOX News Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland speaks with Dean of Public Health at Brown University, Dr. Ashish Jha about when we can expect the vaccine to be available to all Americans, and the importance of getting a vast majority of the world vaccinated as well.

The Senate is preparing to hold a second impeachment trial for former President Trump for incitement of insurrection. Jared and FOX News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram weigh in on how the second impeachment of the former president differs from last year’s impeachment.