This Week:

Next week is finally Election Day. Voters who have not cast their absentee ballot or participated in early voting by mail or in person, will head to the polls. In order for the candidates to win the election they must get 270 electoral votes. FOX News Politics Editor and member of the FOX News Decision Desk Chris Stirewalt fills us in on where the swing states are leaning towards right now.

President Trump is wasting no time before Election Day making stops in battleground states that can help achieve the magic number of 270. Director of Press Communications for the Trump Campaign Erin Perrine joins FOX News Rundown host Dave Anthony to discuss the campaigns closing message before November 3rd.

What states does the Biden campaign need to focus on to hit 270 electoral votes and win the election? FOX News Washington Correspondent Rachel Sutherland speaks with Mary Anne Marsh, a Senior Advisor for the Kerry Campaign in 2004, about the states we need to keep an eye on and why she thinks this will be a fight until the end.

The presidential race isn’t the only high stakes race this year. The Senate is up for grabs as well, and with many close races the possibility of the chamber flipping blue is real. Jared and Jessica Taylor, the Senate Editor at The Cook Political Report discuss which Senators could be looking for a new job come January.