On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Judge Jeanine Pirro talks about her new book, Don’t Lie To Me, and how the violence across the country, combined with the COVID pandemic, has turned the country into a socialism “petri dish.”

“Why do you think all this stuff is happening in the left cities? You want to talk about New York, Chicago, Washington, and then Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Compton. I mean, come on. You’re not seeing this kind of thing in cities where you’ve got Republicans, Republican governors who would call in the National Guard in a second. The whole concept is to try to get people to a point where they hate the government and they hate the system and they convince people that they’re victims. And so they have a complaint. They have some kind of violation that’s happened to them. And they need to go out and just express it. And the law be damned, the rules be damned and businesses be damned. As if the pandemic wasn’t bad enough, they then go out and they burn and loot and steal from stores and businesses. And then people can’t then go back to their businesses. A lot of people have lost their life’s work because some protester who will never be prosecuted for what he’s doing or she’s doing, who thinks that they’re entitled to steal money and goods because they may need it, as if they can’t get on welfare, give me a break, while they run free and there’s no consequence and the taxpayer ends up paying the bill in the end and not having enough money to take care of themselves. This is anarchy, pure and simple. And it is an effort to take over this country. It’s an effort for socialism to survive. And I’m telling you that the pandemic was nothing more than, and it’s serious, very serious, it’s terrible what happened to people, terrible that people died. But it was a petri dish in many ways, so that people were in their homes, listening to the government every day, frightened and just living on a government stipend, just enough to go the supermarket and to be able to buy food and then go home and wait for the next day to see if they might be able to go out. Don’t you dare go to work. Don’t you do anything. But they want to lock you in your home. They want to open the borders. They want to defund the police. And they want to take away your guns. I mean, this is socialism. This is an experiment in socialism, taking the greatest country on earth and trying to turn it into some kind of dystopian socialistic country.”