On Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla, Fox News contributor Jessica Tarlov talked about how getting a Supreme Court vacancy right before the 2020 election was a “gift” for President Trump.

“He’s the leader of the free world and he has been handed this enormous, not enormous, she was like five-foot-one or so when she passed away, sized gift in getting a Supreme Court vacancy with forty-four days to go before the election. That wasn’t even on his radar as the September surprise. And his initial reaction was shockingly normal. No matter what you think of her politics, like an amazing life is an amazing life, that was his commentary. And he’s actually gotten everyone in line except Murkowski and Collins. He has the numbers to do all of this. And so why do you spend the tail end of your week saying I don’t want any mail-in ballots and I might not accept a peaceful transfer of power depending on the result? But then you have all of the Republicans have to come out today saying there will be a peaceful transfer, McConnell had to do it, Lindsey Graham had to do it. It’s so silly and stupid for a man that keeps getting handed gifts.”