This Week:

President Trump held multiple press conferences addressing not only the U.S. surpassing 150,000 deaths due to the coronavirus, but also crime spikes in major cities, the use of federal forces and mail in voting. FOX's Los Angeles based Correspondent Jessica Rosenthal spoke with FOX's White House Correspondent Jon Decker about this week at the White House.

On Friday the federal unemployment benefits, granting some American's $600 extra a month, officially expired, leaving lawmakers on Capitol Hill searching for a solution. Both sides of the aisle have presented plans for another round of a relief, but are at odds when it comes to the details of the bill. FOX News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram breaks down what each side sees as a victory.

Congress grilled the CEO's of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google in a historic virtual antitrust hearing. Jared and FOX News Headlines 24/7 anchor Brett Larson discuss what happened during Wednesday's questioning from lawmakers.

Earlier this week, former Vice President Joe Biden said he would make his decision on his running mate during the first week in August. Jared and Fox News Radio's Political Analyst Josh Kraushaar discuss the potential Vice President picks, who the current front runner is and whether or not we will get an announcement this week.