Both are music legends. Both have a long list of accusers. Why is only one being “erased”?

Surviving R. Kelly, a documentary about the R&B star’s long list of scandals and alleged predatory behavior, has had a huge impact. Kelly’s been dropped from his label and his music is being pulled from radio stations and other listening platforms.

A new film about Michael Jackson puts a new spotlight on the late King Of Pop’s controversial life and reveals some new allegation of sexual abuse. However, even after it debuted at Sundance, the late King of Pop’s could be heard playing.

On Monday’s show, Tom Shillue asked why R. Kelly’s music is being ‘erased’,while the music of Michael Jackson continues to be played and celebrated.

Comedians Heather McDonald and Joe DeVito weighed in and explained there are significant differences between the two stars. One being … Jackson is dead.