Fox’s Chad Pergram talks about gun control in today’s “The Speaker’s Lobby.”

Fox’s Chad Pergram

I’m Chad Pergram with the Speaker’s Lobby.

Democratic Georgia Congresswoman-elect Lucy McBath stands out in the same way former Democratic New York Representative Carolyn McCarthy did 22 years ago. Both came to Congress compelled to act to impose firearm restriction after their relatives were killed by gun violence.

Remember, earlier this year, when gun control advocates said that things would be “different?”

Those pushing for tighter gun restrictions made only incremental progress in their quest. Voters sent to Washington a handful of Democrats who defeated NRA-supported Republicans. But the effort may have even lost ground in the Senate.

McBath’s victory may give Democrats who want to alter gun policy, a roadmap. Who held the district before McBath and the woman she beat, GOP Georgia Congresswoman Karen Handel?

Republican Representative and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price. Price used to win that seat with more than 60 percent of the vote.

If Democrats are ever going to make inroads on gun policy, this is the type of district which they must flip from red to blue. However, the Senate is another enterprise altogether as Democrats are a far cry from 60 and operational control there.

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