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On this episode, Will sits down with Kash Patel, the author of the new children’s book The Plot Against The King, host of the Kash’s Corner podcast, former federal prosecutor and former Pentagon Chief of Staff under Former President Trump.

This week, Tyrus sits down with buddies Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch to discuss what improvements they think are needed in the wrestling business.

This week, Deputy Director of Policy at State Voices, Lata Nott joins Abby in the classroom.

President Biden met with Finland's President & Sweden's Prime Minister to discuss the countries' applications for membership in NATO as the Primary calendar moves along, we analyze how the former President's influence is impacting candidates in the races.

This week, Tyrus wants Kat to research a mysterious story about a shipwreck and Kat discovers the perfect title for her memoir.

On Thursday, the Senate voted to advance another $40 billion aid package for Ukraine and President Joe Biden embarked on his first trip to Asia during his time in office, making stops in both South Korea and Japan.

This week, Abby revisits a lesson with Entertainment Reporter at FOX5 in D.C. movie critic and FOX News Contributor, Kevin McCarthy.