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On this episode, Sean and Rachel are joined by the author of the new book The Parents Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies To Win Back Your Prodigal, Laine Lawson Craft, as she discusses the inspiration behind writing the book, and the power that God has that can help guide your children through the toughest challenges. 

The panel weighs in on ESPN honoring trans-gender collegiate swimmer, Lia Thomas during a Women’s History Month segment.

Kennedy sits down with former Broadway Star and Founder of Ziva Meditation, Emily Fletcher.

Story #1: Nashville: Pretending to be a man versus personifying what it means to be a man. Story #2: The Donald is the news, again. Story #3: Getting up to speed on the 2023 MLB season with MLB Analyst for FOX Sports and the host of the "Flippin' Bats" podcast, Ben Verlander.

Jason sits down with former Bridgewater CEO and Pennsylvania Republican Senate Candidate, David McCormick. They discuss David's new book, Superpower in Peril: A Battle Plan to Renew America, and why he believes that America is at a critical point in its history in whether it will remain the world's leading superpower. Plus, David shares some insights and life lessons that he has learned through his greatest failures and weighs in on whether or not he may run for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania in 2024.

On this episode, Liz is joined by the Founder of Greycroft and Co-Founder & Chairman of Primetime Partners, Alan Patricof as they discuss his upbringing in New York City raised by immigrant parents, and his first job selling newspapers on the streets of New York.