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This week, Martha is looking back at some of the most memorable interviews with the veterans who shared their experiences with Martha for her book, 'Unknown Valor.'

This week, Greg is joined by FOX's Dana Perino to discuss her inspirational new book, "Everything Will Be Okay."

This week, Liz is joined by Founder of EnvoyNow and Know Your VC, Anthony Zhang to discuss how a few moments changed the trajectory of his life and guided him toward entrepreneurial success.

This week, Kennedy speaks with Chair of the Department of Psychology at Columbia University, Dr. Carl Hart about his book, 'Drug Use For Grown-Ups' that reveals common myths and misconceptions our society has about drugs .

This week, Trey Gowdy answers listeners’ questions about the extreme winter conditions in Texas, the latest on the Durham report and whether New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will be held accountable for his pandemic nursing home policies.