(VIDEO) Newt On Bill Clinton’s “Botched” #Metoo Remarks: “I Really Feel Sorry For Him”

Both Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton are in the middle of book tours … but it’s safe to say the former Speaker’s is going a lot smoother.

Bill Clinton, who is out promoting a novel he co-wrote with James Patterson, has spent more time defending himself against the #metoo movement’s fury than selling his new book.

Clinton got himself in trouble earlier this week after he portrayed himself as a victim of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. During a tense “Today Show’, Clinton lost his temper when asked if he had ever apologized to the former White House intern.

On the Tom Shillue Show, Speaker Gingrich was asked about Clinton’s latest problems.

“I really feel sorry for him as a person,” Speaker Gingrich told Tom.

The former House Speaker says Clinton appears to have lost his swing since Hillary’s loss and should have been better prepared for tough questions about his past and the #metoo movement.