Winter Warriors: The 10th Mountain Division

When the call went out for America’s first ski troops, men of the mountains came running and set in motion a story that would become legendary in military history.

They came from all walks of alpine life to converge on a brand new base high in the Colorado Rockies…world champion ski racers, ski jumpers, mountain climbers, muleskinners, and guides. These men would become the elite 10th Mountain Division, America’s fighting winter warriors.

These ski troops would face one of the toughest tasks of the Second World War: breaking Hitler’s iron grip on the steep mountain faces of Italy. In this gripping episode of “War Stories with Oliver North,” you’ll hear of their battles with bitter cold, blinding snow, and tough German troops desperately holding on to their last line of defense. And you’ll hear from Senator Bob Dole as he recounts his four-year struggle to recover from terrible wounds he suffered during a heroic attempt to save one of his men during the 10th’s bloodiest battle.

You will discover why there never has been, and may never be, another division like the 10th. And now, their legacy lives on in the tough mountains of Afghanistan in the War on Terror.