Andy Card, White House Chief of Staff for President George W. Bush, joined Brian Kilmeade and discussed current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s handling of the Rob Porter scandal. Card defended the way John Kelly handled the dismissal of Rob Porter because Kelly needs to be focused on what is happening overseas and domestically with infrastructure, immigration and the budget. Card went on to say Kelly as Chief Of Staff does not need to be caught up in the weeds of the White House in terms of security clearances, he has to trust other people to do that job. When it comes to grading the President Trump’s performance, Card praised what the President has done on the economy, tax reform and reducing regulations. However, Card is troubled by President Trump’s inability to recognize the role he has to play to get things done legislatively because he feels the President “doesn’t tend to invite people to be part of the solution, he commands them to be part of the solution.”

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