FOX's Ashley Papa dives into the importance of scents and how they can impact a relationship: 

Whether or not we're attracted to someone involves more than just how we feel, but also how our senses react to our partner.

Fragrance expert, Sue Phillips, says that smell, is the strongest sense we have, which is why it plays a huge part in how attracted we are to another:

(Phillips) "When you see somebody for the first time and there is an immediate attraction, if you're attracted to the person than the actual physical aspect of how they smell is a very important attraction."

Phillips adds if you're attracted to someone but don't like their scent, the attraction will go away. If you're looking to attract or maintain attraction, Phillips advises to pick scents associated with childhood... like vanilla:

(Phillips) "The power of vanilla is very palpable throughout life. It's a very warm comforting aroma. It makes you feel very comfortable. It makes you think of good things."

Cinnamon, lavender, and citrus scents are also good to attract a lover. But go easy on strong floral and powdery scents.

With FOX on Love,  I'm Ashley Papa.

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