You've heard of service dogs that help blind or emotionally wounded people as they travel. By law, they are permitted as companions on commercial air flights. But have you ever heard of a service peacock? Well, neither has United Airlines.

FOX's Gary Baumgarten reports:

People have brought their service dogs and even their service pigs on air flights. But United draws the line when it comes to support peacocks. Not letting one on a flight departing from Newark Liberty International Airport.

The website 'Live and Let Fly' says the woman and her peacock were turned away ... Even though she claims she had a second ticket for the bird. United confirming they wouldn't allow the peacock on board.

Airlines are starting to tighten up their rules when it comes to service animals. Delta recently banning exotic emotional support animals. United ... Is reevaluating its current animal policies.

Gary Baumgarten, FOX News.

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