Turn out James Beard – worthy burgers. Chef Phillip Craig Thomason shares what goes into his award-winning burgers with Fox News’s Lilian Huang Woo.

  1. Bareburger, New York City. Chef Jon Lemon’s Porchetta Burger is a 50/50 mushroom and wild boar blend, topped with a black-garlic aioli, broccoli rabe, oven-roasted tomatoes, and aged provolone cheese on a ciabatta bun.
  2. Houston Yacht Club, La Porte, Texas. Chef Petros Jaferis’ Greeklish Burger features beef chuck, cremini mushroom, and caper patty on a brioche bun – with basil aioli with feta melted over the patty, topped with a mini Greek salad and paprika oil.
  3. Cedar’s Café, Melbourne, Fla. Chef Toni Elkhouri’s Brevard’s Taste of Summer Burger features blended mushrooms and lamb on an apricot and liquid smoke glazed bun, sour cherry mustard, basil, brie cheese, and an herb lemon caper walnut relish.
  4. VINTAGE Kitchen, Norfolk, Va. Chef Phillip Thomason’s Backyard Burger includes a grass-fed beef blended with confit oyster mushrooms, aged double cheddar and charred ramp mayo, bacon rust, cab franc molasses, Hayman potato straws, coffee salt, demi-pain perdu, and brown butter mornay.
  5. All four winning burgers (Left to right: Cedar’s Café Taste of Summer Burger; VINTAGE Kitchen Backyard Burger; Houston Yacht Club Greeklish Burger; Bareburger Porchetta Burger)
  6. 2017 Blended Burger Project Winning Chefs (Left to right: Jon Lemon, Bareburger; Toni Elkhouri, Cedar’s Café; Phillip Thomason, VINTAGE Kitchen; Petros Jaferis, Houston Yacht Club)