They’re making a come back, the toy made popular in the 1990’s: The Tamagotchi…

Hanging on the keychains of 90’s teens and as a collectible addition to the McDonald’s Happy Meal, the Tamagotchi was totally rad and it’s making an awesome comeback.

The Tamagotchi maker, Bandai America, announcing they will release a new device for the 20th anniversary year of the original. But in limited qualities on November 5 of 2017.

The smaller devices will delight fans of the original with six different designs, though they’ll arrive in the original styled packaging from the 90’s. Each new Tamagotchi has six characters you’ll have to hatch, feed and clean up after.

And each character will grow up to be something unique. 20 years ago, the Tamagotchi was popular with Bandai saying they sold over 82 million units worldwide since its initial debut.

We’ll soon discover if a $14.99 device will grab the attention of the app obsessed generation.

With FOX on Tech, I’m Brett Larson, FOX News.

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