Surveys show a rising number of  people do not adhere to any organized faith tradition. And while it’s easy to point blame at technology or secular individualism… Dr. Peter Kreeft, a feisty philosophy professor and author.. blames an historical event that began five centuries ago next month: The Protestant Reformation.

Kreeft say, “Even from a secular point of view the single most defining  feature of  Modern Western civilization is the decline of religion. And Christianity used to define Western Civilization. And the reformation is the most tragic event and split in the history of Christianity.”

The Reformation did pave the way a separation of church and state, but it also put Christianity on a splintering course to where today there are thousands of different denominations.

Kreeft and I discuss his book ‘Catholics and Protestants, What Can We Learn From Each Other.’

While he offer hope, he also gives Christians a warning, saying, “If the Bible is right and the Church is Christ’s body, invisible mystical body then we’re tearing his flesh from his bones.”