Bishop Robert Barron on the Revolution that is Easter

While Easter, as it is celebrated in America, has morphed into bunnies, bonnets, baskets, and egg coloring… the reality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is in fact a ‘revolution’. So says Bishop Robert Barron, the founder of Word On Fire Catholic ministries, and the bishop of the Rochester-Winona diocese in Minnesota. On this special Easter episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast recorded at his studios in Rochester, Minnesota, Barron, who’s also a best-selling author and former auxiliary bishop of the Los Angeles diocese, explains why Christians should not ‘domesticate’ Easter. Instead, we should spend this day meditating on the ‘subversive’ nature of what Christianity unleashed more than two-thousand years ago. Says Barron, “It turns everything upside down, and there’s nothing more subversive, literally subversive, than the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.” It’s that Divine power of love in raising Jesus from the dead, that is now available to humanity today. It proves that that Love is in fact the foundation of all creation.