CABRINI: The Film’s Producer Vowed Only to Make Films Which Honor God

Twenty years ago, Mexican actor Eduardo Verastegui made a promise

to God that he would not do any work that offended his Catholic faith, his

family or his culture. The vow meant he didn’t work for four years as he had to

constantly turn down offers. Then he started a production company with two

friends and together produced “Sound of Freedom,” about child

trafficking and sexual exploitation that starred Jim Caviezel as the agent who

hunts down traffickers. And now Verastegui’s new film, “CABRINI.”

On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Verastegui talks about Cabrini,

which tells the saga of Mother Cabrini, Frances Xavier Cabrini, an Italian

immigrant Catholic nun whose feistiness defied her frail health. She fought the

power structure of the Catholic Church and the city of New York, to build

orphanages, hospitals and schools, relieving the poverty of Italian immigrant

children. Verastegui says 100% of the film’s profits will go to charity, continuing

the work of Mother Cabrini.