The Secret Race For The Atomic Bomb

The worldwide race to build the atomic bomb involved scientists, soldiers and spies. With a price tag of two billion dollars, it was a daunting task accomplished in one thousand days. The Americans emerged as victors and ended mankind’s bloodiest conflict…but the road to the world’s first nuclear bomb wasn’t an easy one.

In this unique episode of “War Stories with Oliver North”, you’ll meet the characters of an international game of cat and mouse. In this tale of intrigue, deception and espionage, go along with Oliver North as “War Stories” follows the footsteps of Col. Boris Pash,
Dr. Samuel Goudsmit and team ALSOS — a top-secret Allied task force assigned to snatch German scientists on the run and beat the Soviets to the finish line in the race for the world’s first atomic bomb.

You’ll meet ALSOS veterans Robert Furman and Eddie Dolan as they trekked through Europe leaving no stone unturned, searching for hidden secrets of Hitler’s nuclear program in a difficult and often dangerous mission. You’ll also hear from a German scientist whose father was kidnapped by the Soviets and forced to work under harsh conditions for over a decade.

Come along as “War Stories” takes you on a journey through Hitler’s Germany…and meet the men behind the secret race for the atomic bomb.