MBA Grads are Still in Demand

    If you recently just got your MBA, there is plenty of hope for you.

    FOX’s Ginny Kosola reports:

    The nation’s big banks are apparently cutting back on hiring this year. “Training the Street” surveys MBA graduates every year.

    This year 43-percent of grads were approached by banks, down six-percent from a year ago. Other employers are still hiring MBA’s at record levels. Scott Rostan is CEO of ‘Training the Street‘:

    (Rostan) “While they might not be getting multiple offers, they are getting offers they can choose from. More importantly, they are happy with what they are ending up with.”

    Rostan says MBA grads are working around the U.S.:

    (Rostan) “Though primarily, people in the United States tend to gravitate towards New York, but you are seeing people that would prefer to have natural resources. And therefore, that’s going to push them more towards Houston. Or technology, most of the firms tend to center out in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Palo Alto area.”

    More than 40-percent of MBA grads will earn a base salary of $125,000 or more. 38-percent will earning more than 100,000, an increase of three-percent from a year ago.

    Ginny Kosola, FOX News.

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