Bunker Boom: West Coast Bomb Shelter Sales Up Following NOKO Threats

    Threats of a nuclear attack by North Korea is good news for some people.

    FOX’s Kerin McCue reports:

    For the general manager of a company that makes backyard bomb shelters, the threat of North Korean nukes means: Business is booming!:

    (Lynch) “Now that North Korea has announced they have the ability to attack and hit with an ICBM, all of the west coast, our sales are going up there.”

    In fact, says Gary Lynch of the Rising S Company, west coast sales have increased by 90 percent over the past two weeks. These bomb-proofs, he says, are not your grandparents fallout shelters:

    (Lynch) “The days of being in a dark enclosed dungeon type of a bomb shelter are over. You can live in comfort now, and it just be an extension of your home.”

    Be it ever so humble.

    Kerin McCue, FOX News.