General Stanley McCrystal: I Would Have Advised The President Against His “Fire & Fury” Comments

General Stanley McCrystal and Chris Fussell who is the author of “One Mission: How Leaders Build A Team Of Teams”, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss North Korea. They started off talking about the President’s controversial comments. General McCrystal said, “I think you have to measure your words and don’t think it was helpful. I would have advised against it.” Chris Fussell, a former Navy Seal Officer, said, “The rhetoric can really be dangerous if you look at it from the other side. Put it this way, if you don’t give an exit to an enemy prepare to get into a big fight.” On the possibility of a negotiated peace, the General went on to elaborate by saying “It’s hard for me to see any scenario in which the current North Korean regime would see an upside in retreating from their current plan of building a nuclear capable North Korea.” However, McCrystal did see a potential positive outcome in Afghanistan. “ I think we can win. It will not be easy and will be expensive over time, but I do believe it can be accomplished. Afganistan is an important relationship for us maintain.”

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