Is the world ready for a female James Bond?

As Charlize Theron promotes her big new action thriller, “Atomic Blonde”, there’s been a lot of “Hollywood Buzz” about her possibly being the next James Bond!

Comedians Heather McDonald and Joe Devito joined Tom Shillue to weigh in on the issue that has all the nerds on the internet hyperventilating!

While Heather, who hosts the very popular Juicy Scoop podcast, isn’t a big fan of ‘remakes’ and women getting knocked around in movies, but suggested she was willing to see a woman play a strong Bond-like character. She just didn’t think the character should still be named “James”.

DeVito and Shillue, on the other hand, rejected the idea and suggested it would be a bomb like last summer’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot.

PLUS: Shillue, McDonald and DeVito also discussed how much parents should drink while out to eat with their kids!